Catholic Shrine Pilgrimage
      Is a Catholic not-for-profit organization founded to create and operate pilgrimage programs to shrines and places of particular interest to people of the Catholic faithand to provide retreat opportunities. The Catholic organization sponsors and conducts these two programs under the names of Golden Frontier Trips and San Damiano Retreat.

Golden Frontier Trips
     Golden Frontier offers to a 3rd generation of pilgrim traveler choices of destinations with a religious connection throughout the world. While our pilgrimages are not retreats, they are journeys to shrines, places, and areas of particular importance to people of the Catholic faith. When Golden Frontier began, it was our hope that we would be able to give people the opportunity to visit historic shrines combined with secular destinations and friendly group companionship. A professional and knowledgeable staff assures a pleasant travel experience. Also, a priest chaplain accompanies each group offering Holy Mass and spiritual guidance.

San Damiano Retreat and Conference Center
      Home of the largest bronze Christus of the Good Shepherd in the United States. Deluxe rooms and suites on the 225 foot bluffs overlooking the Ohio River near Smithland Pool and the Golconda Marina for individual or group retreats and conferences. Peaceful prayer gardens with scenic walks located on almost 200 acres in Southern Illinois Shawnee National Forest. San Damiano is specifically located 25 mikes southeast of Harrisburg, Ill., or 9 miles east of Golconda, Ill. and 2 miles south of the junction of Illinois Routes 146 & 34. Follow the directional signs to San Damiano's entrance.